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Tangent Podcast

Feb 3, 2019

Big thanks to our patron Julio for supporting to show!

In this episode of the show Yjang and Jeff talk about the failure of Fyre Festival, some of their favorite recent anime, and their feelings on the past government shutdown. Yjang has released his acoustic cover of Burn my Dread, stalk us on twitter for Jeff’s vocals later this week. All this and much more on Tangent Podcast .

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Ebb & Flow (Tedd Remix) GameChops


Past my Bedtime DJ CUTMAN


Burn my Dread


Break it Down- Persona 5


8-ball Splatoon 2 Remix


Sunset Bridge Persona 5


Life Goes On


Junior Exam Persona 3


Sweet – Persona 5


Animal Crossing 7pm Remix


Deltarune Remix – GameChops




Last Surprise (Persona 5 Remix) -Nitro


SPINDASH 2- Tudd (GameChops)


Splatoon 2 – Color Pulse Chill Remix


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Beme News:


Shadow of the Shutdown


Polytopia Download (Android)


Fyre Festival

Netflix Documentary


Ultra Instinct Shaggy


IMDB Broly Movie


TeamFourStar Review of Broly Movie


Burn my Dread Link

Acoustic Ver. #1